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Disasters are seldom predictable. When they strike, few people are prepared to handle the difficult decisions that need to be made. Your stress level is at its highest. Unwise decisions can, and will, have long-range effects on your economic well-being.

After a disaster many of the immediate challenges and critical answers should not be left to your insurance company. After all, they are businesses, just like any other business. The adjusters work for the insurance company; the job is to minimize losses for his or her employer.


House Fire

I want to thank you for your assistance throughout the claim process resulting from the fire at our residence on December 27, 2004.  . . . I don't think we would have ever completed this without your help.  For someone who cannot dedicate themselves to the claim process, the assistance of a firm like yours is essential.  Thanks again for all of your help

Mike Disbrow

At Stewart-Johnson & Associates our focus is on you, the insured. Our staff of fully-qualified professionals is trained to handle all aspects of your loss. When you employ us you are placing your claim in the hands of a company that is accredited by NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) that follows a rigid code of professional conduct and ethics.

When disaster strikes, make your first decision a good one. Let us be of help by going to work making sure that you are fairly and justly compensated for your loss. After all, should you really let your insurance company, who writes the check for your claim, decide the amount of that check?

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