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Why a Public Adjuster?

Say . . . your home or business was damaged by a disaster.  Where do you start?  Although you don't really understand all the terms and conditions in your insurance policy, what can you do?  A public adjuster may be the answer to your problems.

We will analyze your policy and determine the correct amount available, including any enhancements and additions.  Our firm will inventory and appraise the damaged items and negotiate your claim to help you recover the maximum amount available under your policy conditions.  By utilizing a public adjuster, you will save time and headaches.  In almost all cases, we will get you a quicker and larger settlement than you could receive on your own.

Public adjusters are licensed in the state in which they do business to prepare, present and adjust first party claims.  Their fee is based on a small percentage of the claim settlement.  Experts agree, in most cases, that the additional money your adjuster is able to obtain for the policyholder more than compensates the fee paid at settlement.

Public adjusters will obtain estimates and outside appraisals where necessary to give your claim every advantage.  Most importantly, they will understand what you are entitled to under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and work for you in obtaining the maximum settlement for recovery from any disaster.  Remember, the insurance company will have a professional adjuster represent their interest and you should have the same advantage in hiring a public adjuster to represent your interest.

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House Fire

When we had our house fire we had not a clue on how to get started with putting what we had lost together . . .  We never would have been able to get our claim settled without your help.  We are deeply grateful for all the help you provided and how you took interest in helping us with our plight.

Larry & Kim Ely

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